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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Aishwarya refuses L’oreal Sonam approves


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan didn’t win the Miss World title just for the heck of it, she is smart and intelligent and that’s the reason she refused to endorse L’oreals latest skin lightening cream. When Ash refused, L’oreal appointed Sonam Kapoor as their new brand ambassador.A source says, “It was the fairness cream that bothered Aishwarya. She said that she didn’t want to promote a fairness cream especially in India where one’s skin color is such a big issue.She will never promote a product that discriminates on the basis of one’s skin color. Ours is a society where biases are so prevalent that she will do all she can to curb it.”“When Aishwarya refused to relent, the cosmetic company was forced to get Sonam into the picture. They need an Indian face for the promotion and Sonam was the next ideal choice,”The source adds, “Such stories seldom bother her. Aishwarya is primarily guided by her sense of ethics as far as advertising is concerned.She does not endorse products unless she believes in them. She was recently offered a fortune to replace Rani Mukerjee to endorse a popular mosquito repellent cream, but she turned down the offer.”Well hats off to you Ash, for standing by your ethics.


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