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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

John Abraham: I don’t stick my butt out unnecessarily


Yes! That’s John Abraham for you who remains calm and composed even after being ranked as the World’s Sexiest Man in Asia.John says, “I don’t mean to deride or demean anybody and while it’s an honor and feels great, the important thing is that hard work has got me here more than just my physicality. I smile and accept the praise today, tomorrow is another day, I try to be normal and don’t stick my butt out unnecessarily!”John doesn’t believe he is sexy, well the reason is, “People who know me don’t think I’m sexy… they know I’m a regular guy. But the big thing is that if John Abraham can do it, people should feel good… because what’s stopping them from doing it too?”However John cannot stop himself from being happy at being awarded the tag, he says, “It’s nice to be liked by all ages and genders .Though I turn red when little girls of 12 and 13 say I’m so hot! It’s embarrassing but also beautiful. And what can I do, sexy is a part of their lingo!”

Do you folks find John sexy or wannabe?


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