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  Akshay Kumar, Jackie Chan And Mallika Sherwat

Monday, December 15, 2008

Akshay pours his heart out after Mumbai attacks


Akshay Kumar like his many other colleagues has also penned down his thoughts about the Mumbai attacks and what he feels about the whole issue.He writes, The morning of November 27, was the most horrendous day I can remember since I lost my father. The night before I pretended to sleep; now awake, I thought I could have nearly lost my wife, for she was there at the Taj the previous evening. If she had stayed for dinner, I don’t want to know what may have happened to her. Now as I watched her sleep, looking troubled, holding our son close, as I lay next to them, I made up my mind — I was not going to let my family live in fear. Not now, not ever! It’s the 21st century, for God’s sake.How can we still be surrounded by such pain and suffering? There were so many mothers whose sons had been lost to the terrorists’ bullets, and many who had braved them to ensure others were saved. But the biggest victory for any terrorists would be to see us affected. Yes, they wanted to snatch away our smiles, ruin what ‘we’ as a country live and breathe for… that is love and respect. But they cannot damage us, we are a family, a union, but only if we stand together. If you want to fight these terrorist, then fight we shall, but by coming together — not by starting a war.We must learn how to protect ourselves, learn how to fight with our brains not just our machinery. We are loved as a country that is humble, beautiful, and full of culture, we cannot become terrorists ourselves, we are better than that… It’s been a week now and we have all been counting the hours, a lot has been said about the system failing, the authorities failing, and the loss that is beyond repair… But I believe in my people, we can’t fight politicians!We just need to vote intelligently, only ‘We the People’ can save our country, no one else… We need to think like Kiran Bedi. Remember ‘Temper is what gets us into trouble, but pride is what keeps us there.’ Let us calm our thoughts, like my mother always says, ‘Jai mata di, jai mata di.’ Those soldiers have given their lives for us, let it not be in vain. Hold your tears and hide your pain. We are Indians and we are respected, respected for our strength and our humble hearts, let’s do the right thing — fight for peace, not war. Jai Hind!

Akshay Kumar

What do you think about his thoughts folks?


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