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Friday, November 7, 2008


After hearing the news of Ash’s role being chopped from Pink Panther, Kareena must be really happy on her decision to turn down a role offered by Gurinder Chadda to her to act opposite Hollywood hottie Johnny Depp.A source commenting on this episode says, “Three years ago, Gurinder Chadda (director of this new film) wanted Kareena for Bride & Prejudice. Kareena naturally presumed it was the lead. She was shocked to know the director actually wanted her for Aishwarya’s youngest sister’s part which finally went to Piya Rai Choudhary. Bebo was irked at being offered the fourth lead and vowed never to work with her again. Now when a new Gurinder Chadha film was offered to Kareena she quickly said no without hesitation.”However Kareena also confirms this bit of news, saying, “Who offers a role is not important. What is being offered is important. I’m really not that enthused by the idea of going international unless it’s something really big. I don’t even know if Gurinder’s offer was with Johnny Depp. I was just not interested.”

What do you think folks? Bebo’s reason is right enough to turn down the offer.


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