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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Anushka’s Dad Doesn’t Wanna Find Her A Boy


Anushka Sharma’s dad is just not interested in finding her actress daughter a suitable boy.

“My father always says,”You please go and find a boy for yourself because I doubt if I will ever find one for you”. I tend to go the hyper way sometimes which is fine because that’s my age.” says Anushka Sharma.

We already know she prefers Surinder over Raj and she explains, “So if I was ever to find someone for me, the guy has to be like Surinder Sahni. If you are dating a rich brat, how far can you go on is my question and where are you going to go? You want to be with someone who loves you like Suri does, that is unconditionally. He has to be sweet and genuine. I was watching the film and was cursing my character because I failed to understand why Taani isn’t falling in love with him.”

So does that mean she has a crush on Shahrukh? Apparently not, Anushka thinks Shahrukh is better off with Gauri. She thinks the two make a very cute couple.


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