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Monday, November 17, 2008

Kangana-Aditya War Gets Dirty


Kangana Ranaut is still basking in the glory of her latest success ‘Fashion’ and she is happily in love with Adhyayan Suman but Aditya Panscholi is still hell bent on washing his dirty linen in public.

I wonder how that man manages to get away with anything and everything - except for success in his film career.“I was building a home for the two of us,” he said. According to him, he lived with Kangana three years at a friend’s place “as husband and wife”. She has used me.

Aditya  accused Kangana of infidelity he confirmed that he physically assaulted her at the middle of the road because he discovered she has been unfaithful to him. Look who is talking of fidelity. Aditya Pancholi who has been married to popular TV actress Zarina and who has a daughter as old as Kangana has openly admitted his so-called affair with her.
More so, he claims he lent Kangana 55 lakh rupees to buy an apartment and now he wants her to return the same. However, Kangana’s spokesperson, rubbishing Aditya’s claims said,“Kangana has already given Rs 50 lakh to Aditya Pancholi as a goodwill gesture, in appreciation of the time that his family stood by her.”“As for his jealousy about Kangana’s friendship with Adhyayan, it’s a fact that Aditya makes a scene whenever he hears a rumour linking her with any of her male colleagues. After physically assaulting her in the middle of the road, he has no right to expect anything from her. She is simply being punished for a mistake she made at the age of 18,” he added.

Wonder what his wife Zarina takes for food because she is forever ready to forgive him no matter what. Strangely the man also acknowledges the fact.“Zarina has been my support and strength. In spite of all the pain that I’ve caused her she says she wants to be my wife for seven more lives.” (Wonder why)

Height of joblessness I see.


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