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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Arjun Rampal wants India to be terror-proof


While many Bollywood took to blogging to vent out their anger against the terrorist who attacked Mumbai, Arjun Rampal discussed his anger and disappointment about the series of events live on a TV channel.Arjun Rampal for his courageous act received many applauding messages from his friends and fans, however some blasted him for not blaming Pakistan.Apparently Arjun asked on the show,  “Why do we Indians always politicise everything and blame Pakistan?’ Arjun explains the meaning behind the question, What I meant was, why blame someone? Why do you expect better from the neighboring country? It’s been happening for so many years. What has the blame game achieved? Instead, why not ensure that we are terror-proof? Look how no attack has happened in the US after 9/11; why can’t we ensure that our cities are safe?”The Rock on actor adds,  “Mumbai collects the highest income-tax in the country, and yet we don’t have NSG or its equivalent to protect us. They have to be called in from Delhi; this despite so many terror attacks on the city. Why can’t the government give land in Mumbai, where we can train our own commandos and also arm them adequately? The terrorists come with AK 47s; our cops only have rifles to defend themselves and us.”The actor is planning something safe and secure for the citizens of our country against terrorism, when we ask further, he says, “I will talk about it when it’s all in place.”


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