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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bollywood says STOP Piracy - it helps terrorists


Bollywood has come together to inform the common man that the 50 rupees he spends on buying a pirated DVD actually helps terrorist buy arms and ammunition as major chunk of the profit from piracy goes into terror camps.

Here’s what Bollywood is saying about piracy:

Abhay Deol - “I did not know that earlier. I am sure the underworld will have many such sources. The root of the problem is our own prejudices and apathy as a culture. Whether it is the right wing Hindu parties or Muslim parties, innocent people get caught in the cross fire and new terrorists are born. The only way to fight the menace is to start making individual efforts by spreading awareness about such things and respecting the many communities that make this nation.”

Farah Khan - “People should be made to realize that piracy is not just killing an industry but it also has a larger perspective to it. When activities related to terrorism are funded through piracy, one can understand the gravity of the situation. Hence, there has to be a bigger call taken for this. After all it is not just about the industry losing crores. In the last 10 days, I have seen that we do talk a lot when things like these happen but I am also worried that are we doing something about it? Celebrities are coming together to file petition and that has motivated me also to do something, raise a voice, bring up an issue, debate! On one end entertainment is anyways costly, then there is so much of tax. In between you bring in piracy. In such a scenario, a film maker making money is a huge thing in itself. Think about it, if piracy is eradicated, how much enhancement we could see in the movie business!”

John Abraham - “It’s a shame if our people buy these DVDs”

Sajid Khan - “I know this for a fact that piracy is not less than terrorism. The only difference being terrorism kills directly and piracy kills indirectly. Piracy not just kills an industry but also kills entire families by creating losses and recession.”

Sonu Sood - “It should be stopped completely. Every pirated DVD helps them in buying a bullet which is used against our loved ones.”So stop supporting Piracy as you are indirectly supporting Terrorism.


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