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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

In the best phase in my life: Kareena


Kareena Kapoor is flying high these days. She thinks she is in the best phase of her life both personally and professionally and she just feels lucky. Here are some excerpts from an interview of hers.“It was an exciting phase in my life when so many things rushed down on me at the same time. The last year was a turning-point in my life. But the end result is happy. Both, professionally and emotionally, I think I’ve come out a winner. I’ve tried to be as dignified about my personal life as possible. As for my work, god has been kind.”“There’s absolutely no room for such negativity in my life. I only have place for people who are positive and who make me happy by sharing in my happiness. This is the best phase in my life. And I feel I’m in a place where I’ve never been before. As an actress I feel everyone and that includes me, expects things from me that are not generally expected from Bollywood actresses except maybe Kajol. Or my sister Karisma.”

Talking about Saif, Kareena said,“He’s extremely loving and supportive. He knows how long it’s taken me to get the work that I’m getting now. In fact, the best phase of my career started when Saif came into my life. Now he’s enjoying this phase in my life along with me. That makes this phase even more special. The only thing I miss is time with my family and Saif. When I finish this schedule I head straight to Venice for Sajid Nadiadwala’s “Kambakht Ishq”.” We’re offered a lot of endorsements. But we are not doing any except a shampoo brand (Head & Shoulders). But we’ll soon be signing on for endorsements. And we’re doing another film for Asthvinayak. That starts in April 2009. We want it to be a fast and furious action film. Something larger-than-life. Saif is working very closely with the producers. He’s trying to lock in on the script and director.” Good going girl!


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