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Friday, December 5, 2008

Shiney On Preity and Eesha’s Hatelist


Shiney Ahuja may be popular with directors but for co-stars he is literally a nightmare. Earlier he pissed Preity Zinta on the sets of their forthcoming film Har Pall, to the extent that she stopped talking to him. And now Eesha Koppikar who also stars in Har Pall and is Preity Zinta’s best friend has taken aversion to Shiney too.A unit member revealed, “A cold war of sorts was already happening between Shiney Ahuja and Preity Zinta and then Eesha too joined the ‘I hate Shiney’ bandwagon. Shiney and Eesha would often be seen arguing with each other on the sets. They even resorted to taunting each other in front of the unit members. One day Eesha came on sets after a gap of few weeks. But as soon as she entered, Shiney went up to her and taunted at her saying she has grown very fat in these last few weeks and immediately started laughing. Not the one to take down such an insult lying down, Eesha hit back at Shiney by telling him that he has turned more uglier than before! Hearing this all those standing around started laughing and Shiney had to literally hide his face at
the unexpected hit back by Eesha.”


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