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Thursday, December 25, 2008

When Sachin came to see Aamir’s body


Rumors were rife recently that Sachin Tendulkar was so impressed by Aamir Khan’s new buffed up body that he turned up at the premiere just to check out Aamir’s body, however the perfectionist Khan denied the silly rumors.He said, “No, no, he came to see the film. He wanted to see the film. It was a media thing that he wanted to see the body, that he asked if it is real, aisa kuch nahi hua tha.”Aamir also revealed the idea behind his new body, “I have always been fond of sports, but training, hitting the gym is not something I have been fond of, and when I’ve done it, it hasn’t lasted more than a couple of months. But the director wanted a particular kind of look for the character, so I jumped into it. I’d no idea how far I’d go, I started from zero and went at it hammer and tongs. When I started, I hated it. But after a point, I began enjoying it… Ironically, just as I reached peak form and completed shooting, about seven months ago, I had to start undoing what I did, because for Raju Hirani’s film I have to have a very non-muscular look. So for the last seven months, I haven’t been training. That has been more traumatic than building it. I worked so hard to reach there and then I said to myself, oh God, I have to undo it all! But that’s my job as an actor…”Well that’s Aamir for us - A true perfectionist.


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