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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When John & Katrina were bounced back from the nightclub

Currently, Katrina Kaif and John Abraham are in US shooting for director Kabir Khan’s film ‘New York’. It so happened that during the shoot, one of the crew members threw a party at a nightclub and invited Katrina, John and the director to the party. However, when John and Katrina, along with Kabir Khan, got to the club, they were denied entry because they were reportedly not carrying proper identification proofs. They even told the bouncers that they were known stars from India, but the argument apparently cut no ice with the American bouncers.

So, while everyone else were partying hard inside, John and Katrina found themselves bounced out of the nightclub. They even drove back to their hotel and returned with ID proofs. But it was too late by then and the party had already died down.


katrina kaif


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