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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The posters of ‘Raaz- The Mystery continues’ create curiosity

With the poster design of their forthcoming ‘Raaz- The Mystery Continues’, Vishesh Films has proved it yet again that the look of the poster of their films is enough to generate enough curiosity and excitement for the film. The Bhatts have been releasing one poster after another in continuation to heighten the mystery associated with the film.

The first ever look of the movie sported an all-new logo in a venomous neon green colour that was designed to distinguish it as an out-and-out horror film, another look showed a backless Kangana Ranaut with Raaz - The Mystery Continues written with blood on her back. Well, if the warning of ‘This Winter…Fear Comes Homes’ wasn’t scary enough, what with Kangana’s fingers turning into claws waiting to attack anything that comes her way, comes another poster which introduces Emraan Hashmi for the first time to the audience.

The latest poster shows Kangana’s pretty yet somber face with Emraan standing among the ruins of what looks like Mukesh Mills reconstructed. The white glow behind his head adds to the mystery and fearful atmosphere indicating that it is a full moon night. What is striking is the brand new makeover of Emraan with a new hairstyle, a French beard and soul-stirring eyes staring right from the poster.

This supernatural thriller from the Bhatt camp has a fresh story and explores the evil within the human psyche. Mohit Suri got inspired from Indian mythology, where good and evil are interwoven in human nature. Kangana Ranaut again plays a supermodel in this film with Emraan Hashmi and Adhyayan as supporting cast. The movie is slated for January 23 release and is in post production stages now.

raaz sequel

raaz sequel


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