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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Salman opens up about SRK tiff - Again


Well guys if you thought that the SRK-Sallu tiff has become monotonous for the media houses, think again, ‘coz in a recent interview with Salman Khan for his upcoming flick Yuvraaj, the interviewer asked personal questions to Salman about his spat with SRK and our Sallu gave elaborate answers to the questions.Salman revealed that after the tiff, it was SRK who called up the media and informed them about the ugly happenings at the bash, “As soon as Shah Rukh left the party, he started calling up the media! I didn’t speak till one week after the fight because he was trying to put me in the middle of something which is not cool from any angle! That is the time I stood up and started speaking. There is no reason for disrespect. Everybody messes up. I have messed up also not once but so many times, without any malice, any manipulation or agenda. If things go wrong between two buddies we say ‘okay buddy let’s hang out together and sort it out’ but if you are going to mess up and disrespect me then forget it,” said Sallu with tears in his eyes.When quizzed why he didn’t allow Sanjay Dutt to sort out things between he and SRK, he said, “No. I don’t want anybody playing mediator. Whatever I had to speak on SRK, I said it then straight out. It’s SRK’s choice to say whatever sweet things he’s saying now four months later.”

I don’t understand this contradicting statements Sallu? At one time you say that immediately after the spat it was SRK speaking to the media and you maintaing the silence and in another statement you say that SRK has opened his mouth after four months?

Well what do you guys think about Sallu’s statements?


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