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Monday, December 1, 2008

Bollywood Actors’ Take on Terrorist Attack On Mumbai


Mumbai has seen probably the worst terrorist attack in the last two decades and everyone is talking about it. Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan have expressed their concerns on their blogs and here is what some of the others have said -

“I am in total disbelief and shock! It is high time the govt stops appealling to us to remain calm after such things happen. It is no point remaining calm. It is now time to react! I have been glued my television set all night watching it all unfold. I think it is a failure of our Intelligence department,” said Farhan Akhtar.

While Sonu Sood said, “It’s horrible. I could not get a wink of sleep last nite. What is the world coming to? What a cowardly act it is. Killing the innocent will get them nowhere. It has been shocking. Last nite I was attending an event at the Marriot when I heard the news. We left early. It’s a shame that a few of them are killing people randomly for their own needs. What will they achieve by doing all this? I pray for all the people who have been held hostages. I hope they will be out soon.”

“It’s been a terrible night. I have not slept the whole night. One of my good friends was stuck in Oberoi when it all began. She gave me a call at 2 am and sounded very scared. But luckily she managed to escape out after that. With all this things happening around at regular intervals, the world no longer seems a safe place. This disaster has literally brought our Mumbai to a grinding halt,” sighed Prachi Desai.

Celina Jaitley said, “I was glued to the TV all night. I couldn’t sleep a wink. My dad was in a state of panic and kept on calling from Lebanon wondering what was happening to all of us! Throughout our ordeal, I was continuously in touch with my family and friends.”


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