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Monday, December 1, 2008

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye Movie Review


Oye Lucky Lucky Oye is very very intelligent film bound to be underestimated and ignored for the lack of big stars and exotic locations. The depth in the film’s plot, setting and narrative under the surface of a comedy really amazed me.One critic said, “Oye Lucky…” is a sly, shimmering mirror of a dysfunctional society always craving for more… not knowing where the greed to be upwardly mobile finally ends. The all-consuming impulses of the Indian middle-class, their craving to be seen on television and their desire to be heard above the daily din is used really well by director Bannerje.

The narration is miraculously liberated from the claustrophobia of middle-class ambitions to take us on a joyous bumpy caper ride. Not for a second do we feel the weight of the morality tale that lurks under the crowded front of the middleclass need and greed.”

Its a story of Lucky who grows up desiring everything that his childhood did not offer him at the suburbs of Delhi. He becomes a thief there by.

Unlike other crime capers, the director doesn’t want to justify Lucky, nor does he want us to judge him. He just keeps unfolding the story in which Lucky’s life as a thief is neither glamorous nor too much fun. Its not even squalid.

Abhay Deol does full justice to his role. He  is definitely one of the most underrated actors in the industry. Paresh Rawal is like wine and gets better and even better with every film. Every movie is like his best performance so far and that way I think he has even better to come.
I don’t want to give away too much. Go watch this film to see how an intelligent filmmaker can come up with an intelligent film break stereotypes and shunning cliches with the most simple ingredients.

Worth a dekho!

Rating - 3.5/5


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